Parents guide to safe guarding computers for kids

Your kids rely on the Internet every day. As a parent, do you ever wonder how to keep your kids safe while they’re online? Incorporate parenting strategies that include computer safeguards, and help your kids safely surf the Internet.

Block Unsafe Sites

Even if your kids follow safe online practices, they could find dangerous sites by simply misspelling one word during an innocent search. Blocks on your computer help you implement effective parenting strategies and keep your kids safe.

Start by assigning your kids limited user accounts. With a unique log in and individual settings, your children can access age appropriate sites but can’t change parental controls.

To create limited user accounts on a Mac, open the Control Panel and click on System Preferences. Find Parental Controls and add or change the User Information. Under each user, set individual limits on the time your kids spend online, games they can access or sites they see.

Access Parental Controls on Windows through the Control Panel. Click the User Accounts and Family Safety then Parental Controls. Set up individual user accounts then add time limits, program blocks or game blocks for each user.

You’ll also want to safeguard the devices. If possible, set up the computer in a public area of your home, and give your kids cellphones without texting or data capabilities. Install Safe Eyes or another computer blocking tool that prevents your kids from opening inappropriate sites on their devices.

Be Proactive

Your kids are smart, and parenting teens requires you to be proactive. Ask other parents what they are doing? Consult with a tech person or sells software that protects your teen from exposure and temptations.

You’ll also want to learn how to set parental controls and find search history on your kids’ devices. Consider installing a monitoring system like PC Tattletale, and access websites, search and chat history, keystrokes and other information, even if your kids erase it.

Talk to Your Kids

Your kids, especially if they’re teenagers, may resist your efforts to monitor their online activities. Assure your children that while you love them, you also must keep them safe.

An Internet usage contract outlines safe online usage. Both you and your kids agree to acceptable Internet usage and the consequences for breaking the rules.

Keeping kids safe online is important. As soon as they’re old enough to get online, teach your kids how to surf safely. Then establish blocks and be proactive in safeguarding your computer.

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