How To Make Thanksgiving a Fun Family Holiday

Thanksgiving dinner couple
  1. Plan in advance. Prepare as much of your meal ahead of time as you can. This way, you can relax on the big day.
  2. Kids love to help. Have your kids be your helpers. Maybe they can plan a side dish or help make the pumpkin pie. This idea is great with young kids but also get your Teen involved in this process as well. They are more likely to enjoy the event with you and feel proud of what they have contributed.
  3. The weekend before, go to a craft store. Create a fun centerpiece with your kids.
  4. Do a fun family event in the morning, such as the Turkey Trott.
  5. Have your kids set the table. Find a cool you tube video on how to fold those fancy napkins.
  6. Ask your guests to bring a dish or side. This takes some of the stress off of you to be just a host.
  7. Create some fun drinks for the kids. Maybe root beer floats, Shirley temples, etc.
  8. Have the family agree to NO cell phones, texting, or electronics, especially during the meal. This includes, YOU, the parents.
  9. Put the guys to work. Don’t just let them hide in the man cave and watch sports. Maybe they can help serve or cut the turkey. Maybe they can figure out how to do a turkey on the grill, smoker, or fryer. How about those dishes afterwards?
  10. At dinner, have each person say something they are thankful for.
  11. RELAX!!! Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving.


Dr. Steven Lazarus

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