Start the School Year Off Right with These Tips

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With fall just around the corner, the time for school has started again. For many parents, this is a welcome relief to long days of “boredom” and daycare, and a shift back to learning. But for some families, back to school time is nothing but a battle. From bedtime to breakfast, check out these tips to make sure your child has a great school year!

Plan ahead

Most of the back to school woes can be headed off with effective planning. Does your teen struggle to get out the door in the morning? Time management skills can help!  Help her start the day off right by packing bags and choosing a great new outfit the night before. Once she’s prepped, all she has to do is roll out of bed, spend time on hygiene, and grab those pre-packed bags. This can also be a great tip for busy parents who are rushing around to get lunches in order, coordinate the carpool, and everything else.

Set expectations

Especially if your child has struggled at school in the past, set clear expectations to prepare for success. Focus on actions, not results: instead of demanding A and B grades in math, demand that math gets studied for 30 minutes or so per day. This will help your child to see how their hard work turns into real accomplishments. Involve your child in setting goals  so he learns the importance of monitoring and being aware of his own behaviors. Some great ideas to set expectations for the school year include homework time, study time, bed time, socialization, and behavior. If you need help with difficult or escalated issues, consider visiting a Littleton child behavior psychologist for custom help.

Down time

Didn’t the kids just get the summer off? Still, down time is important, especially when one has been used to unlimited amounts! Many schools have taken advantage of a partial week to start off the school year, and for good reason—down time helps to recharge and revitalize. Make sure that you promote balance for your children by letting them know that down time and fun time are still important.

For many children, these tips are enough to ensure success. Others may need more personalized attention. If the normal tips aren’t working for your child, or if you need special ideas for your child with learning differences or ADHD, consult a child psychologist in Littleton for more help. Dr. Lazarus has helped many families see success in all they do!


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