These Gifts Build Emotional Skills and Strong Relationships

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Toys for kids

The biggest gift-giving season of the year is upon us, and that makes many parents wonder “what are positive gifts to give my child this holiday season?” If you’re like the many parents who ask their trusted child psychologist in Littleton about the best ways to help your children grow and thrive, you may be seeking input on some great gift ideas. Check out some great toys and “tools” that can build stronger relationships and improve your child’s communication and emotional expression skills.


Child and teenage psychologists know just how important a game can be in building up a relationship, starting a conversation about a hard topic, or just having fun. Whether your child is interested in classic board games, card games, or even digital games, make sure you pick something collaborative. Group games, role-playing games, and party games are great way to promote social skills and creativity.

Building Sets

Creativity, concentration, and exploration are top-needed skills for the next generation. Help your child develop these with building sets! The classic LEGO blocks are always fun, but don’t forget magnet connections, beads, slime, or anything else where you child gets to create a project and see it through. For the tech-savvy future engineer, digital building experiences can be just as innovative and inspiring!


For the kid who has too much “stuff,” try a gift of experience! This could be tickets to a movie they’ve been waiting to see, a visit to a skating rink or bowling alley, trip to an escape room, or anything else that captures their interest. For a relationship boost, participate in the experience with your child, or consider a gift to siblings, best friends, or others who could use a closer relationship. What to wrap? Have fun wrapping the tickets in the biggest box you can find, stuff them in a stocking, or including an accessory that tips your child off to the fun that is to come!


The humble journal, diary, notebook, or sketchbook has had a place in human history since we first put burnt sticks to cave walls. Writing out one’s thoughts and feelings can help to develop language skills, self-control, and reduce anxiety and depression, so start your kids early! For younger kids, it helps to share your own examples of what you write, and encourage both writing and drawing to express feelings.

Feeling prepare for the gift-giving season yet? Remember, even if they don’t seem to notice, the best gift you can give your child is love, attention, and positive parenting. Memories last forever and cost nothing to make!



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